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half full glasses 1 bw (glasses1bw.jpg)Motivated by several years of business know how and how "not" to, the half full story began when the original founders of the company were drawn together by a mutual desire to utilize an optimistic and common sense approach to help companies achieve goals perceived as impossible.  Through the half full experience, companies and individuals not only saw how easy it was to stay focused and achieve their strategic goals, but how to do so in a positive and thoughtful way.  By "Facilitating the Howsm," half full's goal remains to help orchestrate the path for success for any individual, team or organization looking to move ahead. 

about rebecca l. twitchell

Rebecca L. Twitchell

Rebecca L. Twitchell, Founder of half full, llc, is passionate about connecting people and compliments any strategic plan with a touch of creativity. Twitchell aspires to live each day as optimistically and realistically as possible. This is no small feat for her as her own personal reality is a part of the backbone of the story for half full, llc. 

Go ahead and shake her hand - and ask for the left one.

Twitchell began her career of “do good” ventures throughout the East Coast working in non-profit, community development and public policy. This changed slightly when she began working in the Environmental Health & Safety “do good for money” space in San Diego, CA. There, she ran the marketing and public relations department for a multi-million dollar hazardous materials information management company. Not enough for this do gooder entrepreneur, Twitchell partnered with two colleagues to form half full, llc in 2004 – a “do more good for money” company inspired by several years of strategic planning and facilitation for the Clients they had serviced. 

After acquiring half full, llc from her partners in 2009, Twitchell changed the mission of the company to strengthen its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Just by signing a contract, a Client becomes a “full” company and automatically gives back to those in need through half full’s “Bucket Dump” initiative. Twitchell is known for her facilitation style, problem solving techniques and keen ability to adapt and plow through any issues that may affect any of her Clients locally, throughout the U.S. and globally (Africa being a favorite).

Twitchell graduated from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University with a degree in Public Policy. She furthered her education at the University of California, San Diego with a concentration in Marketing. Thanks to the relationships she has encountered throughout her life, whether through the endless conversations with those she has met during her travels or chatting it up with the community crossing guard, she is a connector of people and seeks fulfillment in helping people strategically overcome their personal and/or professional obstacles.  

Twitchell recently served on the Board of Directors for the Leadership and Public Service High School in NYC before she moved back to Providence. She is on the Advisory Council for the Providence College / Smith Hill Annex working specifically in community development and business incubation. And most recently, she sat on the Advisory Board of Syracuse University’s Raymond Von Dran IDEA where student entrepreneurs are awarded the finances needed to start innovative organizations. She is a Community Partner Faculty Member at the Providence College Feinstein Institute of Public Service. If she’s not out touting the importance of keeping strategic plans simple on one of several Forwards facilitated throughout the year, you can find her belting out the latest tunes in her car while heading to her next engagement. 

Aside from several articles in and around vision, mission, values and the importance of strategic planning, Twitchell’s first book in a series, “half full story of the day,” is due to be released soon.

about adewole t. akinbi


Adewole T. Akinbi (Wole), is the Project Manager of half full, llc. Wole is a lifelong resident of Providence and a Rhode Island native. At 26 years old, he has a strong passion for youth development and public speaking. Working in partnership with half full, llc Founder & President, Rebecca Twitchell, as a co-facilitator is right up the alley of Wole’s talents and expressed interests. He has always put the betterment and advancement of young people at the forefront of his agenda.

A graduate of both the Community College of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College, Wole has truly been raised by and educated in the state whose development he cares so much about. A Public & Professional Communications major while in school, Wole has learned basic marketing skills and also developed a great niche for public speaking.

Having adult mentors was an important factor in Wole’s success. He has worked with leaders in all of areas of the non-profit sector. Everything from training in Kingian Nonviolence, to working with organizations that educate Providence residents on sustainable energy and protecting non-renewable resources, Wole has a very diverse background in servicing others.

In his current role at half full, llc, Wole serves as Project Manager in charge of youth development. His job is to plan and recruit teens to take on half full’s unique Forward/Retreat experiences. With half full’s Forwards, young people get the opportunity to expand upon their weaknesses and strengths by going through a series of workshops aimed at tackling challenges they face as teenagers. Personal obstacles, roadblocks in school and overall socioeconomic challenges are all part of what half full assists teens in overcoming on their Forwards.

In addition to working for half full, Wole also co-teaches a Public Service course at The Feinstein Institute for Public Service at Providence College.

Wole is very excited to be a part of the half full, llc team, and is looking forward to working at half full, llc for many years to come. See you all on the next Forward!

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