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half full is known for the strategic planning sessions we put together for groups. These all inclusive planning sessions blend our "Facilitating the How" technique with various experiences along the way to keep participants motivated and having a good time while they get a lot of work done.  That picture to the right -- yeah, he's petting a whale.

HF Forward Baja (HF_Forward_Baja.jpg)You've heard of the term "Corporate Retreat" in which teams go off site to create strategic plans for their companies / organizations?  half full recognizes this as an opportunity to put our optimism to work. We don't use the word "retreat" to describe our planning sessions as it can mean to move back, draw back, recoil. We use the word "forward" to move ahead, advance, accelerate your company's future.

Each workshop used for your Forward® is customized with a theme for your overall working experience.  half full thrives on creativity and is sure to make each and every morsel of your experience a creative and thoughtful one. 

Below is an example of what to expect in your working sessions for your Forward. 


half full believes in a top down approach to strategic planning. It is next to impossible to plan for the future if you have no idea where you want to go. This is the first of a series of workshops creatively designed for your group. Creative visioning workshops range anywhere from acting out your 20-year vision in front of your peers to cooking a meal that encompasses all the ingredients of your future goals.


The next step in your strategic planning top down approach is to figure out "how" your company will be different from the rest in attaining your vision. Yet another very creative workshop experience, you and your team will work together to create the "how" of your strategic plan. Sessions can range anywhere from intense competitive gaming sessions to more subtle panel discussions.


Not all companies and organizations have values, but we encourage them.  This is an opportunity to adopt the behavior you feel is important and necessary within your organization to be ... well, you! It is the motivation for why you exist, the push for why you do what you do.  It is a great way to educate new employees, reward existing employees and show the world your commitment to keeping things real.   

HF Vision Workshop (HF_Vision_WS.jpg)common goal

half full has recognized throughout the years that people often get tripped up on the word "goal."  Often times, companies use this word too loosely and employees can easily forget what it is that they are trying to achieve in the year. We believe that a "common goal" is a short term goal shared by the entire company. It is something everyone strives for as a team.



Our "objective" workshops are the meat of your plan. These sessions are designed to get over the obstacles standing in the way of achieving your vision. This is the "I don't do crybaby" portion of your strategic planning experience. If you cannot walk into this session with the attitude that as a team, you can get it all out on the table and get over anything standing in the way of your company / team goals, then don't even bother showing up!

milestones / action

No plan would be complete without the actual laying out of the tasks at hand. We cannot stress enough how important it is to not only get these solutions out during your strategic planning sessions with us ... but if you do not plan on implementing as soon as you get back to the office, again, don't waste your money with half full.

half full advance®

Already spent thousands of dollars on your business plan but feel stuck?  Want to pump up the team and maybe get a little more creative with your current plan?  Or maybe it's time to reload your plan as markets, industries and those uncontrollable regulations are constantly changing.

HF Advance (HF_Advance.jpg)half full offers four-hour advance sessions to help take an existing plan from ordinary to extraordinary. Using the same core process for all strategic planning sessions, half full will help you pick up your existing plan, shake it up and set it down with a new, more powerful direction. 

Maybe you want to look at reloading your plan every quarter or so. Not a problem.  Staying in touch with you to be sure you are working on your plan is imperative not only because you spent money with us, but more importantly because we want you to succeed.

half full - advancing you to the next level.  

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