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New companies, small companies, big companies, more,
You have absolutely no idea what’s in store!

For-profit, non-profit, even education,
half full’s creative services guarantees imagination!

Slow ones, fast ones, medium pace,
half full will help you win your race!

Short falls, profitable, and the well known break even,
Together, we will make your audience walk away believin’! 

Red ones, orange ones, purples ones too,
half full will even make your company colors work for you!

Phone, email, heck, you can even use the fax,
Leave “facilitating the creative” to half full, then sit back and relax!


half full's creative services were specifically designed to help you implement marketing strategies riddled with so much creativity that you will stick out like more than just a sore thumb. Working with you and your current company realities, half full will study what you have (or don't have), create a vision of creativity fit for just your company and then provide you with a plan that will cost you nothing more to implement. If you find yourself loving the half full way, we are also happy to help with your implementation needs.

Sound too good to be true?  That's why they call it "creative." 


areas of creative potential:


  • naming - company, products, services
  • communications  internal and external
  • sales / marketing campaigns – blitzes, new releases, lead generation
  • social networking  online and offline
  • events – celebrations, rewards, recognition
  • themes – meetings, events, campaigns
  • taglines  company, meetings, events
  • appearance  on the inside and out
  • branding – internal and external
  • co-branding mergers and acquisitions
  • gifts internal and external
  • website content management - daily or weekly updating

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