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By facilitating the howsmhalf full helps teams and individuals overcome obstacles in the way of their perceived impossible.  Known for its unique and creative problem solving techniques, half full has got just what you need to overcome the things standing in the way of moving forward.

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 Testing Your Inner & Outer Strength as a Leader - Aspen

we believe

half full believes that if you combine the right attitude, an effective process and an inspiring environment, you can create and accomplish any goals you have set out for yourself and your team.

attitude (icon_attitude.gif)the right attitude

This goes without saying.  If you don't have the attitude that you CAN and WILL be successful, don't even bother showing up. half full starts all of its sessions with some very motivational stories in which to inspire you and your team.  We call them "half full stories."  You might call them intimidating.  But when you give us an ear, we give you the inspiration to keep on truckin'.  Trust us.

an effective processprocess (icon_process.gif)

half full's unique process is the very core of everything facilitated - from your company strategic plan to stand alone workshops.  Once you have gone through this creative problem solving process, it will become second-nature to process through an issue and have the solution right at your fingertips.  Just got word that you might lose one of your best customers?  No problem. Use half full's process and quickly create a solution to keeping their business.  All of this while on your way to the office.

an inspiring environmentenvironment (icon_environment.gif)

half full believes in having a relaxed and inspiring environment to work.  Forget the board rooms - give us a mountain!  half full's Destination Forwards┬« are the ultimate in strategic planning experiences. Sydney Australia, Baja Mexico, Lagos Africa - yes, we have facilitated Forwards all over this great planet of ours.  If you are looking to get away and leave the details of an amazing strategic planning experience to us, bring it!  (Oh, and we stay local to the U.S. too - no worries!)

Can't get away?  Not a problem.  half full can facilitate right at your office.  Give us some room to work and we will create an amazing in-office strategic planning experience for you and your staff.  But beware - we tend to get a little crazy in office environments to spice up the entire company, not just you and your team.

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