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half full gist list (q&a)

(Answers to questions you were afraid to ask.)

Why should I use a facilitator when I can save money doing it on my own? By all means, if the main goal of your meeting is to stay under budget, then you should do it on your own.  But if the goal of your retreat is to answer the tough questions, get a smart, strategic and attainable plan in place for the future – then a third party facilitator is the way to go.  Ever tried to get people on a team to admit that they don’t trust each other?  Talk about productive results!

HF Client Nagode (NagodeTeam2.jpg)I googled “facilitators” and there are a ton - why should I use half full to facilitate my corporate retreat? You’re right - there are hundreds if not thousands of facilitators out there – you have a lot to choose from.  But if you are looking to make an ordinary retreat extraordinary – then I think this question has just been answered.

What is the benefit to becoming a “full” company? 
Simple answer is why not?  It doesn’t cost you anything to have half full facilitate service hours towards helping people on your behalf.  You get the name recognition, corporate social responsibility points and a great story to tell.  However, if you focus more on the money in your company versus the people who actually make the money for you – then half full may not be the company for you.

I got my hand slapped for taking my team on a “boondoggle.”  Your Forwards sound like too much fun for me to get it past Accounting - how can you assure me that we will get our work done? Easy. Each and every one of half full's Clients have done it.  If you would like a reference to assure you that the entire Forward is about getting work done, go ahead and call them up.

Can you give me an example of “creative services” that you provided to a company? Not a problem.  A start up company was looking for a creative name for her business and asked for half full’s assistance.  half full put the Client through a “naming” process while actively listening to the Client’s personal lifestyle, hopes and dreams.  The name was created and has been the catalyst for the rest of the marketing surrounding the company.  Oh – and she is a very happy Client.  Her testimonial is somewhere on this site.


half full Client Aqua (HFClientAqua.jpg)Is “individual strategic planning” a fancy way of saying “coaching?” Somewhat, but not completely.  Just as every team in an organization needs a plan in which to take the company forward in its Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and Actions, individuals have the same opportunity to put a simple and effective plan together to do the same.  half full works very closely with the individual to create his or her own vision, overcome obstacles standing in the way of achieving the vision and assists with putting that plan together.  Okay, yeah, so it sounds like coaching … with a twist.

What kind of credentials does half full have to have to be a facilitating company? Life credentials, baby. The definition of "facilitate" is to help bring about. If you know about active listening skills, then you know how much you can learn from being with 15 people from sun up to sun down.  Sure there are all the degrees, extra schooling and conferences that have been attended. But half full has got the life experience credentials to blow you away.

Why did the three original founders split up?  Was there a big fight? Indeed. Lots of them.  You try having a company with 3 very passionate entrepreneurs who want to start 10 new businesses every day. Not to tout half full’s individual strategic planning services or anything, but we all reloaded our own personal plans based on what we wanted the next chapters in our lives to look like and … presto!  New companies all around. 

ESPN?  Really? Can't get you tickets, sorry. 

Whale Petting half full Baja Forward (WhalePetting.jpg)I hate trust falls – is this typical in your team building activities? Picture this. 13 foot boat. 7 boatmates. 10 whales (that you can see surrounding the boat anyway).  You, leaning over the opposite side of the boat to try to balance the slight tip happening because everyone else is kissing the whales on their side. Typical team building?  Exactly.

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