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Leadership Development - Africa

Business Development

Tired of facilitating your own strategic planning meetings? Wish you had new, innovative and inspiring workshops to get your team motivated? Give half full a call - get the results you want, keep the group entertained ... and better yet, stay motivated for your next steps. Walk away with everything from company Vision to Milestones and Tasks required to get the job done.

Personal Development

For over a decade, half full has been known for facilitating Forwards┬« to assist groups with strategic business and organization plans.  Due to the overwhelming success of these sessions, half full Clients have been looking for ways to apply that same strategic planning to their own lives. In response, half full added Personal Development Forwards to its repertoire so that individuals can work on their own personal plans.

Marketing Development

half full is pleased to promote its creative services designed to help you keep your staff, keep your cash and be the next best company on Oprah's list.  Together with your existing resources, half full will help you create a cost effective and completely over the top creative strategy for your marketing and communications needs.  Save money while making money?  Uh huh.  That's what we said. 

Extra Development

Just need to inspire your team a little?  Want a motivational speaker who doesn't cost $10,000?  Or maybe you just want to generate a few ideas on the next big idea.  Excellent.  half full has designed several workshops for Clients who just need a change of the same old company scenery and could use a few laughs at the same time.  Take a look at the list and see if there is anything that floats your boat. 

Have a new workshop for half full to facilitate?  No problem - creating new, exciting and unique workshops is considered a very good day at the half full office.

Event Planning

half full is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its full menu of services.   Let us plan your next event!  Whether you are dreaming up the perfect anniversary celebration or launching a key fundraiser, half full can help you take your ideas to the next level, all while keeping your mission in mind. 

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