an exclusive experience solely dedicated to rediscovering inner + outer beauty so you can finally achieve your goals…

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So you’ve managed to get something resembling dinner on the table, answered those late night work emails, and you’re ready to tune-in to the latest Housewives drama. But wait...there was one thing not crossed off your to-do list.

It’s that bigger picture goal that keeps getting put on the back burner in your daily routine of life. You know the one. It could be that personal ambition to become a published novelist or perhaps a professional aspiration to land the promotion you deserve. It could even be finding your inner chef to finally make dinner an actual delicious dinner!

It’s time to stop making excuses and prioritize yourself to the top of your to-do list.

The Women’s Forward® is your opportunity to focus exclusively on your goal and take the action steps to accomplish it. Join us, along with an intimate group of supportive women, in a welcoming space for a weekend of goal setting, action planning, and one-on-one coaching.


rediscover your inner + outer beauty

The Women’s Forward is designed to shed light on barriers that often, unknowingly, stagnate our progress and prevent us from getting the most out of life. Amazing opportunities exist for everyone, including you (yes you!), and we’ll help you identify and ultimately let go of what currently holds you back.

This year’s Women’s Forward is about rediscovering your inner and outer beauty. Through a series of personal development workshops, we’ll uncover who you are, where you want to go and how you’ll move forward to get there. An onsite photographer, with a passion for female empowerment, will capture your true beauty and let it shine.

let’s move forward

half full is a 14-year-old organization specializing in Forwards that help individuals overcome obstacles in the way of their perceived impossible. We don’t use the word “retreat” to describe our Forwards since that word can mean to move back, to recoil. We choose to go “forward” in our mission to help you move ahead, advance, and accelerate. Rebecca Twitchell is the founder of half full and her story is the backbone behind why half full exists. Discover more about Rebecca’s story here.

so where will all this rediscovery be happening?

At the Serendipity Beach Retreat in Salisbury, Massachusetts. This beautiful seaside location is specifically designed to host small gatherings and encourages connectedness and renewal.


what exactly am I getting from this incredible experience?

The Women’s Forward is all inclusive with these premium items:

  • Personal development workshops and one-on-one coaching by half full, llc

  • Customized step-by-step action plan

  • Photo shoot at the beach with your own personal photo montage

  • Pre-Forward individual consultation meeting with half full, llc

  • Two night/three day stay at Serendipity Beach Retreat

  • All meals, snacks, and drinks

  • Off street parking

  • Welcome gift bag

  • Plus exciting surprises, lots of laughs, and tons of fun!

i’m just not sure if I want to move forward?

We get that this personal development stuff brings up all sorts of emotions and sometimes it’s hard to tell if the Forward is right for you. So we’re offering a complimentary consultation phone call with half full’s founder Rebecca Twitchell. Rebecca can speak to your individual needs and answer your specific questions. Make your 10 Minute Consultation appointment and schedule time on Rebecca’s calendar.

so does this really work?

half full has helped hundreds of women chase their dreams and accomplish their goals. We’ll let our results speak for themselves...


Forward Answered Questions (FAQ)


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