We call them Forwards®

You've probably heard of the term "retreat," in which individuals and teams go off-site to create plans for personal and organizational development. At half full, we call them “Forwards” as the word "retreat" can mean to move back, to recoil. We use the word "forward" because our mission is to help you to move ahead, advance, and accelerate.

Each workshop used for your Forward is customized with a theme for your overall working experience. half full thrives on creativity and is sure to make each and every morsel of your experience a creative and thoughtful one.



A departure from traditional “stiff” planning sessions, half full facilitates interactive, mission-driven planning discussions that engage your team as you identify your company’s goals and objectives together. Sessions can be half day, full or multiple days, depending on your needs. 

leadership Development

There are so many important qualities of effective managers: conflict resolution, vision, time management, communication, etc. Maybe you’re organized but your employees lack productivity? Or morale? Either way, half full will keep your goals in mind as we help you to develop and hone key leadership traits.

Personal Development

half full has taken its core strategic planning process and designed an opportunity for individuals to create a personal plan for growth and development, while overcoming obstacles standing in the way of moving forward. Through half full’s development process, participants leave their Forward feeling empowered and better yet, armed with an actual plan for their success.


Examples of half full Forwards:


Strategic Planning – one, two or three day sessions focusing on vision, mission, values, goals, objectives and very realistic action plans.

Leadership Development – two nights, three days focusing on the inner and outer strengths of leaders.

Personal Development – two nights, three days focusing on overcoming any obstacles in the way of moving forward personally.

Youth Forwards - two nights, three days tailored specifically to high school students between the ages of 14-18, and focusing on leadership development, nonviolence, goal setting, and other age-appropriate topics.