Forget everything you've ever heard about team building…

At half full, there are no trust falls, no ropes courses, no gimmicks. 

Instead, we work closely with you to craft an intentional experience based on your mission and goals. And, since it's completely customized to you and your team's needs, we never offer the same experience twice.

half full works with teams of all sizes, and can plan half day, full day or overnight team building events depending on your schedule and budget. 

For teams interested in supporting the community and/or a specific cause, we work with our existing partners and vendors to build an engagement event that is rewarding for your team and the partnering organization.  



Completely different from the team building activities you've come to expect, half full takes time to learn about your team before offering multiple activities for you to choose from. We will keep your budget and schedule in mind, and propose a range of plans and pricing.

community engagement

Let half full help you do well and do good. At half full, our community partners our a key part of our mission. Whenever possible, we collaborate with them so your experience has an impact beyond your team. 


intentional experiences

half full has taken its core strategic planning process and designed activities for teams to grow together. At half full, we offer more than fun, although it's certainly an important part of the day! We will keep your goals in mind as we offer a rewarding experience. 


sample community engagement activities:


Supporting the soft launch of a Pawtucket-based café, our team stepped up to create a marketing plan and menu, before cooking the meal themselves and inviting community members in the area to stop in for lunch. The best part? The team pulled it off in only 2 hours and met their goal of serving 100 individuals!

Partnering with a family-owned florist and local residential senior center, our team members participated in a floral arranging workshop before "paying it forward" and delivering their baskets to organizations and businesses across Providence. Our team members then traveled to the senior center, where they led demonstrations and created baskets for the residents to enjoy. 

When we heard the fourth graders at a local school were pitching their own theme park business plans, we decided it would be a perfect opportunity for our team to test their own pitching prowess and learn more about their company in the process! Our team spent the morning translating their mission and programs to a fourth grade audience, before presenting them in the afternoon in a Battle-of-the-Best-Pitch competition. Only the group with the most interactive, creative and fun pitch could win!