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As part of our “doing well and doing good” business model, half full facilitates retreats with our youngest community members in mind. Thanks to proceeds from the sales of our merchandise, rental of The 400 space and our corporate sponsors, half full offers at least three Youth Forwards a year at no cost to teenagers. 

The half full team, joined by several volunteers, takes groups of 15 – 20 teenagers on a three day, two night experience where participants build strong relationships, learn about their strengths and work on plans for moving forward as a teenager. Discussions include a variety of topics related to daily life, with the ultimate goal to empower all participants.

Workshops for our Youth Forwards are uniquely designed and are selected based on the theme for that Forward. For example, half full’s “Opportunities After High School” Forward is a weekend full of workshops geared toward life after high school. This Forward aims to expose participants to all professional and educational options available to them after high school and also introduces them to topics like financial literacy, creating healthier meals, and an introduction to entrepreneurship. 

Additional Youth Forwards and stand alone workshops are available for a fee.


Workshop Titles:

Overcoming Obstacles

Vision Boards (Predicting Your Future)

Being a Force for Good: How to Spot & Stop Bullying

Leadership for Teens

Opportunities After High School

INGA (Internet Never Goes Away)

Dancing 101 with Thr3e Live Dance Co.

Nonviolence for Beginners

Health & Me


To apply for a half full Youth Forward, please click on the link below:

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