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Taking a Left with Rebecca-Chapter 2

After college, I took a job working as an assistant in a non-profit office in DC. My main duties involved typing and filing which I executed with my now perfected method of putting my sleeves over my hands. My manager wasn't aware of my hand and was not shy about expressing often that I was way too slow at typing. These voiced slights continued until I finally couldn't take it anymore. I whipped out my left hand from my sleeve ... which proceeded to mortify both of us.

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Taking a Left with Rebecca-Chapter 1

telling my tale

I am the founder of half full, llc and my company's site states that "my story is the backbone behind why half full exists." Yet this is just one line in the story of my life. I'm here to share with you the entire tale of how my left hand has impacted my life. I'll reveal how I've wrestled with challenges, but more importantly, how I've overcome them and come out stronger. My hope is that by sharing my story it will help you, inspire you, and uplift you in your own life.

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